About Fox Ventures

A Family Friendly Equipment Trailer Camper Rental Service Center

About Fox Ventures

Fox Ventures offers pontoon rentals, camper and RV rentals, and equipment rentals in the central Michigan area. Please contact us for rental rates, pricing information and to inquire about availability of our boats, campers/RVs and equipment.

Michigan Pontoon Boat Rentals

We offer pontoon rentals that we store in the central Michigan area. Fox Ventures delivers pontoon rentals to the lake of your choice in Michigan. We will  deliver the boat to the requested location, help launch the boat in the water, provide instructions on how to operate the boat, and pickup the rental.  We also allow customers to pick up the boat and tow it to your lake of choice (some restrictions may apply). Fox Ventures will rent out by the day, weekend, week or month. This is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors on the lake for family vacations, reunions, and business outings.

Camper Rentals and RV Rentals for Michigan

Fox Ventures offers camper and RV rentals. We deliver our RV and camper rentals to local campgrounds. Our team will setup the camper, including hooking up the water, electric and sewer to the camper. We allow you to tow away the RV or camper (some restrictions may apply). Our RV and camper rentals are perfect for use at campgrounds, setting out on family road trips, or even to provide extra beds at home. Fox Ventures will soon be offering motor home rentals for customers. Our campers and RV rentals are available for rent by the day, weekend, week, or month.

Equipment Rentals

Fox Ventures is in the process of building our inventory of equipment that will be available for rent. Our offerings will include telehandler forklifts, manlifts and work baskets. In the near future, we will have a wide selection of equipment available to provide homeowners, contractors and farmers with what they need to get the job done. Equipment delivery and transportation is available.